Monday, September 22, 2008

Member Outreach HQ

Your Member Outreach HQ is now available online!

Welcome to the GRAMMY Foundation’s Member Outreach HQ – your headquarters for connecting music education in your community with the GRAMMY Foundation!

How to get involved today:

Download information on GRAMMY Foundation education programs and learn exactly how you can reach out to local high school students and teachers to make a difference.

“Are You Next?” Video Now Available!
(Click PLAY below to view)

Get more materials:

ARE YOU NEXT? Flyer- Print it, send it, post it, email it – spread the word!

GRAMMY Camp & Jazz Ensemble Forms

Entry Form and Sign-up Sheet– Use these to collect information during your visits. Fax completed forms to: (310)392-2188, or mail to:

GRAMMY Foundation
Attn: Are You Next?
3402 Pico Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90405

To request hard copies of the flyer, a DVD of the promotional video, or ask any questions you have please email us at

Member Outreach Blog

Have you already visited a high school in your area? Want to share your experience? Tell your story on our interactive member blog below!